Allied Health

Recruitment of allied health professionals

This platform aims to provide information that will support the retention and recruitment of allied health professionals.

Allied Health Assistants

The allied health assistants constitute an essential part of the workforce and making use of this part of the workforce is one way to improve the capacity of the system to meet the community’s health needs. The Health Department adopts an approach for the implementation of the assistant workforce by focusing on trial and implementation of such roles in their operations.

There are various resources to support allied health assistant roles, including the Supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants, AHA Supervision Training, the tASK Allied Health Assistant Delegation Application, and Case studies on Supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants.

The Allied Health Assistant Implementation Program aims to help community and health services position themselves strategically so they can develop the capacity of their allied health assistant workforce sustainably.

Allied Health Conference

This conference provides an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences, expertise, and ideas around allied health practices, research, and professional development.

Allied Health Clinicians

There are various resources and services available for allied health clinicians in the Grampians Region. One such is the West Division, Grampians Region Allied Health Works Newsletter. This is produced every three months and provides allied health practitioners with all the up-to-date information relating to allied health issues and its workforce. There is also Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health, commonly known as SARRAH which provides services such as advocacy for remote and rural allied health professionals, opportunities for professional development, training and resource toolkit, and scholarships.

Allied Health Job Seekers

Are you looking for jobs in the allied health sector of the Grampians Region? This is the page where you will find all the information that you need. There are usually various allied health employment opportunities in the Grampians Region, and there is no better place to find it than here.

Allied Health Managers and Leaders

One of the challenges that the allied health sector, especially in the rural areas, is the shrinking workforce supply that now has to meet the increased demand from the ageing population. Several initiatives have been put in place to deal with this issue by the federal and state governments. This includes the Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN), Rural Locum Assistance Program (LAP), Going Rural Health, Victorian Allied Health Workforce Research Project, Grampians Workforce Network Coordinator, etc.

Grampians Region Allied Health Professional Development in the West Division

There are various allied health professional development programs that will improve the skills of the allied health workforce.