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Allied Health Job Seekers

This page provides information on allied health job vacancies, living in West Division, Grampians Region and services available for overseas skilled professionals (including allied health).

Employment in West Division, Grampians Region

There are often employment opportunities for allied health professionals throughout the Grampians health network.  These can be accessed by visiting the GRHC Employment Webpage and clicking on the website links for each health service.

Living in West Division, Grampians Region

The local government area websites are a good source of useful information for researching living and working in the West Division, Grampians region.  These websites often provide specific information for new residents to assist them with their transition into local communities (see links to this information where it is available).  The local government area websites in the Grampians Region are listed below and are categorised in the sub-regions of Central Highlands, Grampians Pyrenees and Wimmera.  To view a map of Grampians local government areas click the following link: icon Map of Grampians Region with LGAs (262 kB)

Central Highlands

Grampians Pyrenees


Overseas allied health job seekers 

The Live in Victoria website provides information to assist with the employment of overseas skilled professionals (including allied health) in Victoria.  The website provides capacity for overseas job seekers to investigate services and attractions in the West Division, Grampians Region in areas such as housing, education, healthcare and childcare.  There is also information on the website to assist overseas job seekers with applying for visas to work in Australia.



 Updated December 2016