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Allied Health Managers and Leaders

This page provides information for allied health managers in the West Division, Grampians Region to assist with allied health recruitment, retention and workforce development.

Allied Health Service and Workforce Development

The rural allied health sector is facing significant challenges including increased demand for services from the ageing population and a shrinking supply of available workforce.

There are a number of federal, state and regional initiatives which aim to build capacity of the rural health workforce (including allied health) to assist in addressing these challenges.

Federal Government Initiatives 

  • Western Victoria Primary Health Network (PHN) was established on 1 July 2015.  They are not for profit organisation, responsible for delivering on the following two objectives set by the Federal Government; 1.  Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of health services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes and 2. Improving the coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care, in the right place at the right time.  For further information on the Western PHN visit the website.  
  • The Rural Locum Assistance Program (LAP) provides locum support for eligible specialist and GP obstetricians and anaesthetists, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals in rural and remote areas of Australia.  No fees or charges apply.  For further information visit the website
  • Going Rural Health provides information and support for rural health professionals and students completing a rural placement.  Please visit the website for further information.

State Government Initiatives

For information on allied health recruitment and retention initiatives which are currently available, click the relevant links below:  

  • Southern Cross University has been engaged by the Department of Health and Human Services to undertake the Victorian Allied Health Workforce Research Project.  This 3 year research program will generate qualitative and quantitative information to inform future policy directions and allied health workforce strategies.  This will involve gathering in-depth data, from allied health employers, and individual allied health practitioners.  For further information please visit the website
  • The Early Allied Health Graduate Support Program stream of funding supports new graduates make a positive transition into the public sector health workforce, and are encouraged to stay working in this sector.  For futher information visit the website
  • The Allied health: credentialling, competency and capability framework provides guidance to allied health managers and clinicians in developing structures and processes to build an effective workforce through: appropriate selection, recruitment and training of staff and mantainance of professional standards and monitoring scope of practice.  For further information and to view resources developed visit the website.
  • Advanced allied health roles use senior allied health clinicians to expand the range of activities undertaken by allied health professionals.  Please click on the advanced allied health roles for further information on this program.
  • The Grampians Workforce Network Coordinator and a statewide team of information support officers engage workers from health and human services organisations in a range of workforce opportunities.  There are opportunities to participate in annual facilitated student placement planning, use vICPlace, implement the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment (BPCLE) framework, access Knowledge Bank, attend education and training sessions and network with colleagues.  Please visit the website for further information
  • The Rural Health and Human Services Development Program have developed brochures for promoting Allied Health Careers in Regional and Rural Victoria.  To receive hard copies of this brochure please contact Dean Taylor, Rural Health and Human Services Development Program, West Division, Grampians Region (see contact details on allied health home page).
  • The Rural Health and Human Services Development Program have developed a checklist for allied health managers to assist them with connecting new allied health practitioners to their local communities and planning for their professional development needs.

West Division, Grampians Region Initiatives 


  Updated December 2016