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Cancer Biology

There are over 100 different diseases that share a number of biological properties which identify them as cancer; such as uncontrolled cell growth, impaired apoptosis (cell death), and ability to invade other tissues and metastasise to distant locations.

If you would like to view a brief summary on the biology of cancer go to What is Cancer? 

If you would like to view a short diagrammatic presentation; go to What is Cancer

If you would like to view more detaied information on the biology of cancer go to: The Biology of Cancer

Free online resources for specific cancers

Online breast cancer modules for rural health professionals

Breast Cancer Qstream - Primary care across the cancer continuum 

Myeloma Nurse Learning Programme 


EdCan offer case based learning topics such as colorectal cancer, melanoma, head and neck cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, oesophageal cancer, osteosarcoma and lymphoma.

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