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Management of Side Effects Associated with Treatment

Side effects of treatment will vary depending upon the cancer stage and type of treatment undergone. Poorly controlled side effects can have a profound effect on a person’s quality of life and can influence treatment decisions.

For management of side effects of specific treatment regimens; go to eviQ cancer treatments online You will need to register to gain access to this information however registration is FREE!

Oncological Emergencies

Cancer and its treatment may lead to a range of potentially life-threatening conditions that require urgent action to correct or manage them and can occur at any stage of the cancer trajectory.

Most of these conditions can be categorised as:

  • metabolic (e.g. tumour lysis syndrome),
  • hematologic (e.g. febrile neutropenia),
  • structural (e.g. metastatic spinal cord compression),
  • Or side effects from chemotherapy agents (e.g. extravasation).

Free online resources specific to oncology emergencies


Paediatric fever and neutropenia

Adult neutropenia, fever & sepsis