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Emergency Management Resources

Department of Health and Human Services 

State Health Emergency Response Plan (SHERP)

The State health emergency response plan (SHERP) describes the arrangements for state health command and coordination involving pre-hospital care, patient transport, receiving hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The SHERP is a subplan of the Victorian state emergency response plan

Now in its third edition, the SHERP has been updated to incorporate and replace a number of previously separate documents as follows:

  • Victorian state health command plan 2012
  • Hospital resilience Code Brown policy framework 2008
  • Victorian burns plan 2006
  • General practice subplan
  • Field primary care response subplan.

All health and emergency service workers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the revised edition.

State health emergency response plan - third edition
State health emergency response plan - summary
Guidelines for multiple burns casualties
Victorian Medical Assistance Team protocol
Victorian Medical Assistance Team policy

Emergency Management Manual Victoria

The Emergency Management Manual Victoria (EMMV) contains policy and planning documents for emergency management in Victoria, and provides details about the roles different organisations play in the emergency management arrangements.

Emergency Management Victoria maintains the Manual, in collaboration with Victoria’s emergency management agencies. The Role Statements (Part 7) and the Contact Directory (Part 10) are updated annually. Other parts of the Manual are updated as emergency management arrangements change.

Department of Health and Human Services - Emergency Preparedness Policy for Clients and Services October 2016

The Department of Health and Human Services Emergency preparedness policy for clients and services (the policy) aims to protect and enhance the health and safety of people accessing services from Victoria’s health and human services sector.

The policy assists the department and agencies to prepare for and respond to emergencies. It describes the sector’s responsibilities and considerations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies. It seeks to achieve a consistent sector-wide approach, taking into consideration the local environment, conditions and resources.

Relocation, shelter in place and evacuation guide A guide to emergency planning for the health and human services sector October 2015

The guide informs planning and response for external emergencies such as bushfires and floods, but the information provided may also be useful for internal emergencies such as a building fire. The guide assists services to develop clear and consistent emergency management plans, policies and procedures. It outlines issues to consider before, during and after emergencies.

The guide will assist facility managers to make decisions about relocating, sheltering or evacuating. It also provides emergency planning guidance to service providers who need to consider ceasing or altering services delivered from centres or in the home.

Extreme heat and heatwaves

The Department of health and Human Services have a number of resources available on the Extreme heat and heatwaves website including

  • Heatwave planning
  • Heat health alerts
  • Advice for clinicians
  • Research
  • Health impacts

There are also a number of downloads available on the same site including

Grampians Region Health Emergency Managers Network (GRHEMN)

Code Brown Template

How to use this Template
Any public or private hospital/health service/nursing home/health facility is invited to use this template to develop a Code Brown Plan to suit their needs.

You can simply insert your facilities name in the appropriate places, add information that you feel you need to form part of the plan or delete information that you feel is not relevant to you. In some parts of the template you will see the phrase "YOUR HEALTH FACILITY". Simply replace this phrase with your facility/health services name.

The Hospital/Health Service Incident Management Team (HoIMT) structures, roles and action cards are examples. You may wish to alter the HoIMT structure, reassign actions to different roles, add or delete roles to suit your health facilities capacity and capabilities. Just remember that in all circumstances you will need a Hospital Commander (HC), an Operations Manager (OM), Planning Manager (PM) and Logistics Manager (LM) as a minimum.

 icon Code Brown Template July 2014 (7.68 MB)

Grampians Region Code Brown Sub Plan - Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza

This health managment plan uses the code brwon template but focuses on Pandemic Influenza. Throughout the plan the requirements for Influenza Pandemic are evident including a number of appendices that are specific including establishing a flu clinic, antivirals and home isolation assessment tool.

icon Grampians Code Brown Pandemic Influenza 2015 (2.62 MB)

Grampians Region Code Brown Sub Plan - Health Management Plan for Ebola Virus Disease

This health management plan uses the code brown template but focuses on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Throughout the plan the requirenments for EVD are evident including a number of appendices that are specific including Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and specimen collection.

 icon Grampians Code Brown Ebola Virus Disease 2015 (8.91 MB)

2014 Seasonal Preparedness Forum Presentations

icon CFA Update (744.75 kB)

icon Department of Health - Ebola Update (2.77 MB)

icon Department of Health - Hazelwood Case Study (2.57 MB)

icon Department of Health Heat Health Update (1.36 MB)

icon Emergency Management Subscription Service (483.25 kB)

icon Inspector General Emergency Management Presentation (756.94 kB)

2015 Seasonal Preparedness Forum Presentations

icon Heat health plan for victoria 2015-16 plus smoke framework (1.51 MB)

icon Health impacts of extreme heat 2015 (469.11 kB)

icon Clients and services policy 2015j (486 kB)

2016 Seasonal Preparedness Forum Presentations

 icon Arboviruses - Frances Graham (2.59 MB)

icon AV Summer Preparedness - Aliesha Robertson (1.24 MB

icon DELWP - Graeme Saunder (3.79 MB)

icon Heat Health - Joanna Gaston (6.21 MB)

icon Lorne Hospital Bushfire Recovery Presentation - Kate Gillan (3.97 MB)

icon MDHS Code Brown Presentation - Terry Welch & Nickola Allan (3.4 MB)

icon Mental Health - Neil Cheney (1004.01 kB)

icon Smoke and Human Health - Frances Graham (3.19 MB)

icon Thunderstorm Asthma Nov 2016 - Frances Graham (542.66 kB)




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