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Emergency Care Resources

The aim of these resources is to provide short, quick, easy to access information on specific emergency topics. Click on the resource list below or scan down the page. For detailed information health professionals should refer to specialist texts and journals.


icon Paediatric resus chart revised Dec 2011 (143.5 kB)

icon Primary Survey chart reviewed Aug 2011 (86.5 kB)

icon Secondary survey chart revised 2012 (69.5 kB)

icon Oxygen therapy v3 July 2012 (65.13 kB) 

Educational Guides and Learning Packages

The purpose of these guides/learning packages are to assist educators in the Grampians Region to design their own health service specific package for Registered Nurses & Enrolled Nurses required to manage patients in an emergency situation. The aim of these guides is to provide generic information based on principles of care.

It is the responsibility of each individual practitioner and health service to ensure appropriate education for all equipment and that competency in the use of the equipment is maintained.

icon Cardiac rhythm interpretation learning package 2010 (7.99 MB)

icon Splinting, bandaging, immobilization techniques & devices 2009 (5.86 MB)

icon Airway guide revised Jan08 (1.88 MB) this guide is being divided into an Oxygen Therapy and Airway adjunct guide. There is now an airway e-learning package available on the ReHSeN

icon Defibrillation & the AED revised Feb 2012 (1.12 MB)

icon Thoracic Injury Management guide Jan 2008 (1.84 MB) 

icon Spinal immobilisation v2 Feb 2011 (7.81 MB)

Clinical pathways

Snake Bite

New clinical pathways and resources for management of snake bites in emergency departments developed by an expert reference group led by Emergency Care Improvement and Innovation Clinical Network (ECIICN). 

 icon Management snake bite flow chart 2013 (217.69 kB)

icon Snake bite suspected clinical pathway 2013 (25.33 kB)

icon Snake bite envenomation clinical pathway 2013 (24.2 kB)

icon Snake bite fact sheet 2013 (458.5 kB)

Generic Emergency Care Patient Record

This generic patient record is designed for use in small rural health services to aid in the documentation of their patient care delivery in the emergency area. The record provides prompts to assist the registered nurse in the assessment and management of emergency presentations.

The record has undergone significant revision in 2013 and now incorporates the deteriorating patient  elements from Standard 9 Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in acute health care setting, NSQHS Standards. The record folds out into a 6 page (back and front) document.

The clinical handover/communication prompt ISBAR is also included within the record.

The vital signs and clinical review criteria section of the record principally covers the adult patient. The Royal Children's Hospital is currently developing paediatric charts and these will be available later in 2014.

 icon Generic emergency care record Feb 2014 (335.58 kB) 

An audit tool is available for health services to undertake their own documentation audit.

icon Generic emergency care patient record audit tool Feb 2014 (112.5 kB) 


ViCTOR Urgent Care charts

The ‘ViCTOR Urgent Care’ and ‘ViCTOR Neurological’ packages are available for registration and download via the project website Additionally, a series of videos demonstrating paediatric vital sign measurement, named ‘ViCTOR Back 2 Basics’ are also freely available.   

Grampians Frameworks

There are a number of frameworks available in the Grampians Region however those listed here relate to acute/emergency care.

Grampians Acute Cardiac Care framework 2016* Revision completed August 2016

This Acute Cardiac Care Framework has been developed in response to the expanded capacity within the Grampians Region for interventional treatment options particularly for the time critical ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patient and to a lesser extent, the Non ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) patient. 

icon Grampians cardiac framework Aug 2016 (2.44 MB)

A resource to go with the cardiac framework is a video on the administration of Tenecteplase, this resource has been provided by Boehringer Ingelheim and is a youtube format. Click Tenecteplase administration to watch the video clip, it runs for approximatly 4 minutes.

Framework for the Management of acute stroke 2016* Revision completed August 2016

The National Stroke Foundation published Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management 2010 wich made a number of evidenced based recommendations. In response to the recommendations, the Grampians Region developed the Framework for the management of acute stroke 2012, Version 1. This Framework has been reviewed and revised producing the Framework for the management of acute stroke 2013 with a further revision undertaken in 2016.

icon Grampians Acute Stroke Framework Aug 2016 (1.95 MB)

Grampians Region - A guide to emergency birthing for the non-midwife *Revision completed March 2016

This guide is designed for the non-midwife who may need to manage an emergency presentation of a woman in labour. The guide does not attempt to provide an extensive resource; it does, however, provide the fundamental points to enable a health professional to assist the mother with a normal delivery and continue to manage the mother and baby for transfer.

The guide is also an attachment to the Grampians Region Maternity and Newborn Services Framework.

 icon A guide to emergency birthing for the non midwife March_2016 (684.31 kB)

Grampians Emergency & Critical Care Collaborative endorsed documents

Emergency equipment & medication inventories for small rural health services

The emergency equipment and medication inventories are designed as a guide for small rural health services to aid there decision making process in the stocking of the emergency/urgent care area. The inventories have been put together through the expertise of the Grampians Emergency and Critical Care Collaborative and other expert clinical input. The inventories are a revised edition of the previous lists provided by the Grampians Regional Emergency and Critical Care Advisory Committee (RECCAC)

icon Emergency equipment & medication inventory (208.25 kB)

Ballarat Health Services resources

Ballarat Health Services has kindly provided some of their resources for the Region through their internet site. To access the clinical practice and drug guidelines log on to the Ballarat Health Services web site 

Go to For Healthcare Professionals - select Clinical Guidelines - under basic search pick Document Type and then select the guideline group you want to search in.

The other area that is of interest is the Emergency Education Resource this provides a variety of resources on different topics related to emergency care. 

Coroners Court

The Coroners Court of Victoria is a specialist court established to investigate certain types of deaths and fires. The purpose of these investigations is to consider ways that similar deaths and fires may be prevented in the future. The website has a number of resources that assist health professionals in this are.

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