Infection Control

Resources on infection control

The Grampians Region Infection Control Group was created in 2000 to foster a coordinated approach for implementing strategic infection control framework. The group is an initiative of the state government and includes representatives from all healthcare facilities in the Grampians Region as well as regional consultants. The groups aim to;

  • Serve as a forum for deliberations between the infection control consultants.
  • Develop comprehensive resources that can be used all over the region
  • Provide onsite assistance for all the infection control consultants
  • Conduct benchmarking projects across the agency
  • Partner with the Rural Infection Control Practice Group to perform benchmarking projects across the region.

There are several resources available on the platform that covers control and prevention of infection. These include;

Aseptic Non Touch Technique

This is a technique designed for protecting health workers, clients, and patients during any invasive procedure by using infection control and prevention measures to minimise as much as possible, any presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Resources are developed to help healthcare workers to practice the aseptic non-touch techniques, and the resources are designed for training, competency, auditing, and assessment.

Urinary Tract Infection Bundle

The aged care UTI clinical pathway is designed to be used by nursing and medical staff to;

  • Enhance the use if microbiological services
  • Improve the rate of accuracy in the clinical diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection
  • Enhance antibiotic therapy for patients who have Urinary Tract Infection

Pandemic and Special Disease Event Resources

These resources contain all the information needed to plan in the event of a special disease or pandemic. In such cases, the Code Brown can be used to develop your plan for a special disease or pandemic event in your health organisation. You can adjust the plans to fit into your organisational needs.

Audit Tools

These are used to monitor compliance with the prevention and control of infection and all the related standards, regulations, and guidelines. The available audits include dental audit, aged care facility audit, Infection control compliance audit clinical, and infection control compliance audit organisational.

Training Packages

Part of the website’s resources also includes training packages focused on different aspects of infection control. This consists of the Cleaning in Health Care Facilities, which comprises the Cleaning in Healthcare settings, Outbreak management for environmental and support services, and Outbreak management for environmental and support services.

There is also the hand hygiene package developed by Hand Hygiene Australia and targets particular professional groups which include Mental health, Allied Health, Pathology, General Practice, Clinical, and Environmental Services. You can choose the appropriate package for you, and once you complete the competency package, you will get a certificate.

Anaphylaxis Following Adult Vaccination

The group developed this to aid nurse-immunisers and keep them up to date on managing any rare post-vaccination adverse event – anaphylaxis occurring in adults.