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Training Packages 


Cleaning in Health Care Facilities

The following modules have been developed for environmental and support services in health care facilities to assist with training in cleaning for the health care setting.


Infection Prevention and Control

The GRICG have developed a  series of modules for infection prevention and control information relevant to anyone working in healthcare. These modules will be available through the ReHSeN online learning portal on the right hand side of this page.

The modules available now are:

  • Infection Prevention and Control 1 - The basics
  • Infection Prevention and Control 2 - Protective equipment for standard precautions
  • Aseptic Non Touch Technique - Assessment only ( For details on the learning package associated with aseptic non touch technique assessment please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A certificate of achievement can be printed at the end of each module for your professional development portfolio.


Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Australia have developed a range of Hand Hygiene Competency Packages targeting specific professional groups. Select the package that is appropriate for you to complete. 

  • Standard for all healthcare Workers
  • Medical Staff
  • Nursing/Midwifery Staff
  • Allied Health Staff
  • Non-Clinical Staff 

A certificate of achievement can be printed at the end of the competency package you complete for your professional development portfolio.


Anaphylaxis Following Influenza Vaccination

The GRICG have developed this training package designed to assist Division One nurses update their knowledge on how to deal with the rare but very serious post vaccination adverse event - anaphylaxis. This package will be useful for up-skilling nurses in the event of an influenza pandemic where mass vaccination programs may be required.

icon Anaphylaxis Following Vaccination - Power Point 2014 (592.26 kB)

icon Anaphylaxis Following Vaccination - Brochure_2014 (236.23 kB)

icon Anaphylaxis Following Vaccination - Test Sheet 2014 (24 kB)

icon Anaphylaxis Following Vaccination - Test Sheet 2014 (Answers) (33.49 kB)


Food Safety

Do Food Safely - a free online food handler learning program. Designed to improve basic knowledge of food safety. It is informative and fun and includes six topics on food safety and a final quiz. It takes around an hour to complete, but can be completed in separate units at the participant's own pace.