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Little Yellow Infection Control Booklets 

The Little Yellow Infection Control Booklets (LYICB) Series are booklets designed to fill the need for simple, point-of-first-use infection prevention and control information for a variety of settings. These booklets  provide information on appropriate infection control principles not specific procedures, as specific procedures vary from agency to agency.

Practitioners seeking  detailed information on agency specific policies and procedures should refer to their agency infection control manual. 


Booklets for Healthcare Workers

icon LYICB 2014 - Original Little Yellow Infection Control Book

icon LYICB 2014 - Basic Micro

icon LYICB 2014 - Clinical Waste Management

icon LYICB 2014 - CSSD

icon LYICB 2014 - Home and Community Care

icon LYICB 2014 - Disability Services 

icon LYICB 2014 - Residential Aged Care 

    (Formatting issues with the surveillance defintions pages 50-52. This section will be updated shortly)

icon LYICB 2016 - Residential Aged Care Blue Washing Book (244.06 kB)

icon LYICB 2014 - Supported Residential Services

icon LYICB 2014 - Environmental Services Book 1 - Infection Prevention

icon LYICB 2014 - Environmental Services Book 2 - PPE

icon LYICB 2014 - Is it a UTI (1.82 MB)


Booklets for Consumers/Volunteers

icon LYICB 2014 - Residential Aged Care Visitors

icon LYICB 2015 - Residential Aged Care Volunteers

icon LYICB 2015 - Transmission Based Precautions Patient Information (5.65 MB)


Updated 20 January 2014