Grampians Region Health Collaborative

Welcome to Grampians Region Collaborative

We are a group of community, aged care, and health organisations operating in the Grampians Region. Every organisation in the group works closely together to achieve the same goals.

This platform is created to disseminate information about our activities and resources provided by the several professional alliances and groups working in the Grampians Region and founded by the health services. The platform also contains all the education and e-learning resources and health services opportunities available in the Grampians Region.

About The Grampians Region

The area referred to as the Grampians Regions is of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Department created eight regions. The Grampians Regions covers the area from Lake Bolac in the south to Patchewollock over in the north, and from the South Australia border in the west to Bacchus Marsh in the east.

The total landmass of the Grampians Region is 47,980 square kilometres and within this area lay eleven local government areas; they are the Yarriambiack, Pyrenees, Shires of Golden Plains, Northern Grampians, Moorabool, West Wimmera, Hindmarsh and Hepburn, the City of Ballarat, and the rural cities of Ararat and Horsham.

Our Parteners


The socioeconomic effects of COVID-19 on the world and Australia have been nothing short of devastating. While Australia is one of the countries that has successfully managed it, the economic effects remain a problem that takes years to recover.

Allied Health

This platform aims to provide information that will support the retention and recruitment of allied health professionals.

Cancer Education Resources

This page provides cancer information. It was designed to give people all the necessary info they may need about their health condition. It serves healthcare professionals and ordinary citizens seeking to learn about it.

Emergency Care

Emergency care faces a lot of unique challenges and complexities. From remote locations to the transportation of critically injured or ill across long distances, health care professionals have to possess a wide variety of experience and knowledge to deal with each challenge that they may encounter.

Emergency Management

Health professionals who are in charge of emergency management have several issues that they encounter daily.

Grampians Educators

The Grampians Region Educator’s Group, commonly known as GREG, is a platform established to support educators, clinical support nurses, and education managers in the public healthcare services. It was created in 2012.

Infection control

The Grampians Region Infection Control Group was created in 2000 to foster a coordinated approach for implementing strategic infection control framework.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is also part of what the Grampians Region Collaborative is concerned about. That is why there is a portal specifically designed to ensure compliance with all quality control measures.