Emergency Management

Resources and links on emergency management

Health professionals who are in charge of emergency management have several issues that they encounter on a daily basis. This platform provides useful links and documents for the various resources available on Emergency management.

State Health Emergency Response Plan

This plan describes in detail the arrangements for coordination and command of the state health service starting from the prehospital care to patient transport, to the receiving hospitals, to any other healthcare facilities. This plan is under the Victorian state emergency response plan. It is a plan that all health professionals and emergency service workers should be familiar with and all the updated documents that were added to it.

Emergency Management Manual Victoria

This manual contains the planning and policy documents for emergency management in the state. It provides information about the roles of different organisations in the arrangements for emergency management. The manual is maintained by the Emergency Management Victoria alongside other state agencies.

Emergency Preparedness Policy for Clients and Services

This is a policy of the Department of Health and Human Services, and it aims to improve and protect the safety and health of people who are using the services from the state’s health and human services sectors.

Relocation, Shelter in Place and Evacuation Guide

This is a guide for the responses and planning for external emergencies such as floods and bushfires. However, the information provided in this guide can still be used in the case of internal emergencies like a building fire. It assists services to create consistent and clear emergency management policies, procedures, and plans as it outlines all the issues that need to be considered before, during, and after emergencies. It will also help facility managers to plan and decide on sheltering, evacuating, relocating, etc. This guide also serves as a service provider in deciding whether to stop or alter service delivery.

Extreme Heat and Heatwaves

There are several resources available on the dedicated website for extreme heat and heatwaves. This includes; Heatwave planning, Advice for clinicians, Heat health alerts, Health impacts, and Research. You can also download resources on the website such as;

  • Extreme heat preparedness checklist for emergency departments.
  • Heat Health Plan for Victoria

Grampians Region Health Emergency Managers Network

This includes various templates for developing emergency management services for health care facilities. Notable among these is the Code Brown template which can be used by any private or public health facility, nursing home, health service, or hospital to develop a suitable Code Brown plan. The plan can be adapted to manage different emergencies which include influenza pandemic, Ebola virus disease management, etc.


There are also different Emergency management links that provide you with all the emergency information that you may need. These are all external websites linking you with considerable information.