Regional Wounds Victoria

Get to know about Regional Wounds Victoria.

This is a collaborative program of the Clinical Nurse Consultants, and it is supported by the Victorian Government, Department of Health, and the Australian Government. The program serves over 96 per cent of the state landmass, and its clients include 30 per cent of Victoria’s Home and Community Care Program for Younger People and Home Support Program clients. Regional Wounds Victoria seeks to improve the outcomes for Victorians that receive high-level care or district nursing the Public Sector Residential Aged Care Services (PSRACS). It does this by;

  • Collaborating with others on various initiatives to improve support services and results for clients by developing the capacity of clinicians that deliver complex wound management
  • Building and maintaining national and state networks and links
  • Providing strategic, operational, and leadership support for other bodies.


Regional Wounds Victoria seeks to;

Facilitate training, education, resources and support regionally

Provide remote and onsite consultative services

Make clinical expertise more accessible for the rural regions.

Wounds Victoria in Regions

RWV is in five different regions. These are Barwon South-Western, Gippsland, Regional Grampians, London Mallee, and Hume.


Regional Wounds Victoria have developed various resources that contain genetic information on wound management. All the information provided is relevant for health services providers in Victoria, and they are available in multiple languages such as English, Arabic, Dari, and Hazaragi. Other resources, such as video resources, describe everything in a more graphical and understandable way. There are also website links among many other resources available here.

The available video resources include Youtube links to videos on various subjects such as wound care, podiatry, empathy, polypharmacy, chronic illness and non-compliance, among many other issues. The video contents are fantastic by all means as they are educative and interesting and entertaining.

Connected Wound Care

One of the significant challenges at present in community health is wound care. There are limited resources available on the matter, and the available ones are not standardised for use across the state. This is why the Connected Wound Care initiative was started. It is part of the Victorian Wound Management Project, and it focuses on improving the treatment and management of chronic wounds. The project is a collaboration between Royal District Nursing Service and Regional Wounds Victoria, and through the project, many resources have been developed to help patients and nursing staff to manage wounds like diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers all over Australia. It is expected that the tools will improve outcomes of wounds for clients all over the state as it will provide all the necessary information needed to educate the patient and the clients in the essential areas of wound care while also standardising the clinical approach to management and treatment of wounds.